Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Little Boy Blue..

come blow your horn, the sheep's in the meadow, the DEER'S in the corn!! Next year, we are going to have a "rockin'" veggie garden, with solar powered electric fence surrounding it. The deer are destroying whatever corn has popped out on the stalk. Our corn is in the "milk" stage, the best eatin' for deer. Luckily, our nice neighbor (a farmer for life) has some corn that is at the harvesting stage, due to his ability to irrigate his crop (we can hand water. although we have been gone), so he has shared with us, and IS IT GOOD!! We were so looking forward to our OWN corn, but that isn't going to happen I'm afraid. We put up a 4 1/2 foot wire, but to little avail..of course, the deer are great jumpers (we did know that ahead of time). I am going to work on a "noisy" addition to the wire, to maybe spook them, however, just wonder how long it takes them to get used to the noise and ignore it. It's not like we don't have wind to blow the noise makers around, ha! Maybe a scarecrow?? At least they don't like zucchini or squash! Oh well, better gardens next year...we worked so hard and took such care, even after two destructive storms. Such is the life of a gardener/farmer.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Gone Fishing...and Back Again

The Cayman and the Jeep made a
10 day trip to Colorado. Traveling
through southwestern Ks . to Gunnison
/Blue Mesa reservoir along the "Silver Thread"
was a first for this Colorado native.
Many beautiful days and showers in the afternoons, cool sleeping weather, fish weren't really biting, but we caught a few Kokonee and Rainbow Trout.
Home was overgrown and wet when we returned. It was a nice get away with friends.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Swarm of Dragonflies

This evening as I was standing on the driveway, I couldn't ignore what was happening in the air above my head. There was a swarm of maybe 50 or so dragonflies, flying to and fro in a frenzy (hopefully eating mosquitoes). I often observe "anomalies" where I live. I wonder if, in this instance, maybe the atmosphere was just right..it was humid and hot most of the day, and then there came a small breeze and it cooled down a little. I walked out to the road and down to the other driveway entrance, the dragonflies were around our big tree, also. They were just over my head, I could have reached out and caught one. Dragonflies are very cool!In the last few nights, the cicada's song has been "deafening" at dusk. A friend in town said that there is an old wives tale that hearing them means that we will get our first freeze in 6 weeks. Ha, that is the end of August. I don't think I am ready for that one. Cicada's song reminds me of my childhood when we would visit my grandparents in St. Louis and stay out at night and play in the alley that was paved with bricks. It was the first time I saw one, we found a dead one in the grass. Up to that time, it was a such a mystery to me about what was making that strange noise. You just don't see one of those very often.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How Hot is IT?

There are many places on earth that are plenty hot - record-breaking hot. In fact, there's a good chance on the day this record-breaking temperature was recorded by a meteorological station in El Azizia, Libya in 1922 there were other places hundreds of miles away that were even hotter. On September 13, 1922 the thermometer reached a blistering 136° F/57.8° C. In all likelihood, this record temperature has been exceeded since then in many places on earth, but we have no official records of the temperatures. It is important to note that when atmospheric temperatures are recorded it is not the surface temperature, where it can sometimes reach 150° F/ 66° C, but rather the air temperature at about 5 feet (1.6 m) above the surface in an enclosed shelter. Of course, it's important that the temperature sensor is not exposed to direct sunlight - the shelter is louvered to permit air flow across the sensor. Most humans don't 'hang out' where some of the hottest tempertatures on earth are regularly experienced so there aren't a lot of meterological stations in these places to reliably record extreme temperatures. Glad I am not at one of them.
The temperature sensor on the building in town showed 103 at 7:30 this evening. Not too many people hanging around outdoors, except for the "roofing" people. I feel sorry for them. It is REALLY hot out there. Have you watched Al Gore's special on "global warming" yet? Check it out.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lessons Learned Living in a Small Town

Here's my list of what to be aware of when you move to a small town..this is what I have gleaned from living here one year (and I could write a book on the subject):
*know who are your "true" friends
*watch what you say in conversation (it usually gets printed in the newspaper or repeated)
*word travels fast
*be careful that you don't spread rumors or hear-say
*the Co-Op or the laundrymat is the best place to hear gossip
*controversy over "beliefs" or "agendas" is often topics of conversation
*loyalty usually falls on the "good ol boys" or extended family members
*others know a lot about you, even though you have never met them
*free popcorn is served at the bank on Thursday, cookies on Friday
*goods and services are not always easily or readily available
*you can (still) get rather frustrated "waiting" on an appointment
*it's difficult to get someone to show up to do the job you contracted with them
*specialty "service" companies charge more than in the big cities and usually come from a far away town

*"deer" accidents, cows on the highway or a loose dog in the neighborhood are the worthiest "crime" beat in the newspaper
*the cost of living in small towns is not always "cheaper"
*wages are the lowest
*most young people who pursue higher ed, don't come back
*there are no Walmarts, Targets, McDonalds or Burger Kings within 100 miles
*it is common practice to wave at any driver whom you can make eye contact with
*others know your 'business' because they 'know' your vehicle
*if you are driving a large grain truck or farm equipment down a "section" road, others will pull over to let you safely pass
*if you are driving farm equipment down the highway, no one gets angry, honks or flips you off as they pass you
*a store manager has probably not taken managerial training in "how to deal with employees" or customers
*there is no air pollution
*you might not see an actual traffic light within a 37 mile radius
*the highway patrol makes daily appearances on the state highway nearest you

We like living here, we have found a need to be more cognizant of what and who we are dealing with. It is - what it is! So if you get a chance to move to a small town from a big city, it's great! Just be aware that you will have to make a major adjustment to the culture and the climate.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Having Babies in the U.S., Then and Now

I am so proud of my 31 year old daughter. She is about 1 month away from delivering her 1st child, my first grandchild. She and her husband have become extremely informed about how the birthing might go, what to expect, hiring a "labor coach", and making solid plans to arrive at that end. I compare it to the time when I was in the same stage of life...there wasn't very much info available to us, like there is today. About 1/2 of the guys I knew wouldn't go near the delivery room. Mine didn't. I think "birthing" rooms were just coming into being..I sure didn't get one or want one. It's interesting how medicine has been made more "user" friendly. These days you get to be in charge of and responsible for so much more, you become a true stakeholder in what care you do or don't get. So much more information and support is available on the subject of "having babies". I am reading a book and searching the internet, too! I will be with her and her hub a. s. a. baby is born, or even perhaps for the "event" itself! I will liken it to being the experience I never wrapped my mind or body around. Most of all, I will be there to assist in welcoming a new member into our family! What a rush!

Friday, July 13, 2007

New Lid on House

We had 9 "busy bees" on our roof all day today. What a feat! I have a new respect for people who "roof". I watched them walk up and down the face of the 9 or 10/12 pitch without a hitch, or much less fall, I know I couldn't do that. G and I decided we could have never even tore off the old roof in a day, much less put on a new one! Wow! I had to work this evening, but I will let you know tomorrow, how it looks! All I saw when I got home was Mr. Skunk hangin out on the driveway, then he ran to the shed. which is what he always does, and I ain't goin there to check him out! I must say, skunks are creatures of habit!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Finally...but not quite!

T'was the 4th of July...and family reunion
time for the Gray's! We all gathered at my Aunt Jane and Uncle Ray's for the 33rd year celebration! What a fun time!
Here are a few of the photos.."family" look online at the emailed location!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I Don't DO Dial-Up

While we were away at our annual family reunion in Ozarks -Missouri area (which by the way was "fantastic"), something happened to our DISH for our internet. (What else could be happening to this place??) I am now on dial-up at the mercy of a technician who COULD come by within the next few weeks..but it's doubtful. Not to be a pessimist, and I have so much to share on this BLOG, but...I don't do well with the "wait time" on dial-up, so this BLOG, unless I have amounts of time that I can spend sitting and waiting, will be temporarily "Out OF Order". I have so many photos to share with my kin. I am so P.O.'d. One of the disadvantages of living where I do..you can't get any kind of decent service from anyone!!!! Except the roofing materials were delivered while we were gone. So think of us with a new roof within the next few days, at least. Check back for sure by July 17th, that is how long I get dial-up service and we shall see if I have my dish fixed by then. Must have been the toll that the hail took on the LNB. It finally gave up. I have but one thing to say, "Curse YOU Red Baron!!!"

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