Monday, June 18, 2018

Carrying ON

Sad news, my class ended - abruptly - sometimes life happens to YOU 
and you have to accept it DOES to others, as well!  
Anyway, I have learned so much and my learning curve 
has jumped by leaps and bounds!!

I have such confidence going forward - I feel like I can tackle anything portrait wise
and that was exactly what I was looking for.

Here are a few of further works developed in the past few weeks.
BTW, have been painting the outside of my house along with this.
It is looking great, waiting for some new exterior shutters for the front
and am going to attempt a little bit of landscaping to improve it's drab
existence up to this point in it's life.

Charcoal done from a source photo provided from

This is Jake - my cousin.
Done in charcoal, and Dr/ Martin's No Bleed white.

I loved doing all the beard and hair and one of the
joys of using photos of people with sunglasses, is painting them 
and trying to capture the abstract
light or objects of what is reflected in them.  What made
this most fun was capturing his character
and I think I nailed it.