Sunday, November 19, 2017

A Sneak Peak of the New Digs

Studio space about Day 10 - moving right along, 
the added bonus is a loft space for storage above 
this 450 square foot space - very cool!  Ready for walls and ceiling.  
Stay tuned.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Almost There

I have been thinking alot about this blog and whether or not I will keep it going.
For now, "the blog gods won".
We are in Westcliffe - much of the time these days.  I have a new motto -
We have been literally knocking ourselves out 
as we MOVE OURSELVES back to Colorado - no help,
just us and our vehicles and a couple of trailers.  
Been so busy getting a studio space ready - among many other
unexpected glitches and roadblocks but all the
while it's worth keeping our 'eye on the prize'.
We wanted so badly to make this move for a very
long time now.
Soon, I will move my myriad of supplies and tools here and begin using them 
again.  I have also been thinking about 'why I paint'.  I have come to realize
that more then anything, it's about the PROCESS of painting...
the ups and downs and thinking that goes into what I am trying to express
and how I am saying it - what mood, what emotion, what color, what feeling?
I am ready to crank it up and get going again. 
It may happen around the first of 2018 - if plans go accordingly.

If you have been checking in, thanks.  I will be back soon.

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