Saturday, August 17, 2013

Around the West and Back Again

I can't believe that my blog has gone this long without a post...but we have been using our RV - traveling the western US, specifically Colorado, New Mexico and Utah for 5 weeks. I have loads of painting subjects on my camera cards and can't wait to get to the studio.  But first, as you can imagine, our farmstead needs a little TLC and taming. It's been moving along - getting wilder and wilder by the day.

So - just as a reminder, some of my paintings are back online in my Etsy shop and also on Daily Paintworks - 2 shop venues I use.

Please visit them - if you have a moment.  Some of the prices have been I can move some art and gear up for the next go round!

Great trip, good to be home....being in some of the hustle and bustle of the big cities we visited - makes me appreciate my 'country life' even more!  We also visited lots of state and national parks with wide open spaces that were beautiful!

(Dinosaur National Monument)

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