Sunday, October 16, 2016

Away and Back Again...

Gloomy and foggy, that's how my days have gone
this past month.
My beloved, 90 year old father passed mid September.
It was sudden, he was healthy, happy and still living on 
his own right up to that dreadful emergency visit
to the hospital.  We were all taken
by surprise.  In the days since, there has
been lots of deal with.  He lived 270 miles from 
where I live.  Many a trip I have made on Kansas
byways.  That journey is forever changed.

Frozen, and uninspired is how I feel.
Hopefully as time moves on, 
I will rekindle my 'artist's' fire.

I will miss you Dad - but know you have rejoined Mom -
in another place, and somehow we will move on without you.

My dad and his granddaughter, Jessica, 
at the motocross races
in 1976.  

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