Monday, December 28, 2015

Out with the Old and IN With the NEW!!

This Friday, January 1, 2016,  marks the first day of this year's participation in Painting 30 Paintings in 30 Days sponsored by the California artist, Leslie Saeta.  I will celebrate this new year as having 4
years of participation among artists worldwide who have committed to painting ONE painting per day and sharing that painting on a blog or Facebook and the "30 in 30" blog for the month of January. 
I find my growth each year ~ to be worth the participation.

This year I decided to spend my 'painting time' without seriousness of having to 'get it right' on canvas and without the familiar techniques and mediums.  I plan to dive right into the mystery of mixing media that creates new possibilities and also plan to just have fun in the moment.  

Not that painting is NOT fun, but sometimes there is huge pressure to work under with commissions and painting 'likenesses' - which is often the mainstay of my artistic production.  

I am looking forward to the liberation of 'just being in the moment' at the easel and using this time to just PLAY, have fun and make some new discoveries!  Something tells me there is going to be a more abstractness or non-representation to my canvas surfaces.  I have spent a few days during this past month, preparing several different surfaces for this undertaking. I hope to share the making of each surface with each painting I do, however, some will be on plain 'ol stretched canvas, canvas board or factory made pastel surfaces without additional 'sprucing'.

Another important component to this endeavor, is there are tons of other artists doing their rendition of how and what to paint.  Part of the enjoyment is seeing what others are doing at their easels (and of course, you don't have to have an easel to paint).

If you are seeing this news for the first time...(just like me, on the first one I joined, I joined it three days in, not knowing it was going on til I stumbled on it)..the site for signing up is HERE. And BTW if you want to interact with a global view of who and where painting will be furiously flinging in January, click HERE.  Many PINS have cyber media links so you can visit artists in areas you feel are especially of interest.

So COME BACK won't you?  I love reading comments, so feel free to leave one.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mixed Media

"Look What I Got!"
5" x 7"
pastel and watercolor on Uart sandboard

Completed for my friend and cat-sitter extraordinaire...
this is Cheyenne and Jaden, her grandchildren.
Last painting of 2015!
You can always catch my 'latest' on my Fine Artist Facebook Page.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Ramping UP

Just playing with watercolor/pastel on ProArt sanded pastel panel, today.

Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days is coming up
This will be my fourth year that I will be joining in.
I have decided that my subject won't be the goal, but
the way each painting is painted will.  Each will hopefully 
be different - some new techniques, some I would like to
improve on or tweak.  Many will be done in MIXED MEDIA.
Looking forward to some non-representational pieces, as well.

I just returned from the big city with many new possibilities for
substrates.  Busy working on holiday items - soon to be done...then
a little organizing in the studio and I will be ready
to get going January 1!  Please check back.

Happy 17th Blogiversary to ME

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