Monday, December 3, 2018

New Beginnings

Hi dear blog reader - for many, many years I have attempted to continue this blog in a manner that informs others of what is going on in my world.  It has served me well..but it's time for change and revamping my 'career in fine art'.  New pathways have been opened upon moving from Kansas back to Colorado again, and Westcliffe, in particular.  I am going to be NOT so present on the 'Dust Off the Butterfly' blog for the next year, as I am trying out a more professional approach to making, representing, writing about process and events and selling my artwork.

Please stop by and visit my new Fine Art (FASO) website and is in the infant stage at this point, but I hope to gain momentum as the 2018 year ends.  And especially when the next 30 in 30 event happens, hopefully in Jan.2019.

Addendum - as of Mar. 1, 2020, the above website 
will be 'no more'.