Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Soulful Walking and a Gift

 Yesterday, I was feeling the "ho humdrums" of the times - went for a walk.  After taking the first photo, I felt way better. I think I forget to take in the beauty that surrounds me at times.  Anyway, it made those feelings drift away.  It's drab and gray, but still, even in the prairie weeds and plants, it says 'beautiful high desert at the base of a mountain range'.

Today we are meeting a friend for lunch - outdoor patio ONLY.  I used 
a photo of her cat for practice recently, think it will be a housewarming gift as 
she and family moved to another city this last year.

Monday, November 2, 2020

Oldies but Goodies

 My studio is overrun with OLD art pieces.  Most of these were done over 20 years ago..they are pastels so they lay flat in the flat file.  The elephants have been sold and gone for that time.  I recently found the elephant photos in a photo box  Sad to say goodbye to some of them..when they are your favorites, but pushing myself to say goodbye to more of them.  

I love this patriarch bull.  He was a lot of fun to paint.

This family of elephants - I can't recall selling it, but it's gone.  
It was giant. So fun to get lost in as I painted it.

This boy and his dog were a study from a magazine photo back in the day when I didn't have very good source photos. I allowed myself to use magazines - at times, even tho that's an artist's 'no-no' with copyright laws. Love the colors and the paper color.

This is my dad, Ed.  This pastel was done from a classic photo that we all had a copy of it seemed, but it showed his true character when he wasn't working and taking a break at our annual family reunion.  I will keep it - it's like an 'art heirloom'.  It is quite large, 24" x 30".

In looking at these, I noticed I was MORE careful with edges and took more time in doing a piece.  I would spend days and days on pieces. These days, if it's not done in a day, I usually lose interest unless it's a commission (which have become few and far between).  It's good for my artist's soul to revisit these from time to time, maybe that is why I hoard them. It's also a reminder to maybe SLOW DOWN a little.   

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Changing Time

 Halloween, time change, an election, COVID, full moon, cold weather, what else can we put on the proverbial plate today?  Lots going on in my world..just staying at home..working as hard as I can on my many projects.  Right now - doing some organizing and tossing of old art.  I acquired about half of a studio's worth of matboard, glass and a newer mat cutter from a closing business and although I probably didn't need any of it, it was an opportunity that arises only rarely.  It just takes up precious space.  Another issue I will need to deal with.  Where is the best place to house it so I can readily use it?  Time and 'try outs' will tell.  My 'she shed' gets fuller and fuller.  I feel like I am on a Merry Go Round, just shifting things in a circle. Do your days ever feel that way?  It's like my own little amusement park.  ha. 

Local fireban is not as stringent as it was. A fair amount of snow has taken care of that, in the meantime, because we like a good campfire, we made one each night for the past few nights in the novelty fire ring that was left here by the previous owners.  Listening to the coyotes, watching the full moon, dressing warm with a good chill in the air..watching the stars.  Being one with the earth.  It feels good.  These times are used for adjusting to a new idea of 'how to live' and stay healthy ~ for the next year or so.  I have to ask myself daily, "What expectation of normal 'can I let go of' - today?" This thought lives large in my mind.  

Hope all is well with you?

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