Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Self Portrait with Cat

"Crazy" Cat Lady
12" x 12"
oil on wrapped canvas

There is a sweet story behind this painting.  In November (if you were here then you would remember) I saved a little black kitty, who was obviously abandoned in the cold.  (Strangely enough, there was later a striped one we rescued, as well - other stories go with her) 

From the moment I picked this  little kitten up (not little anymore), we have had a special bond.  Not a day goes by when I paint in the studio, that this kitten/cat doesn't climb either up the chair or jump from the desk behind me to my shoulders.  She usually wraps herself around my neck like one of those vintage 'fox wraps' from long ago.  She sometimes cradles herself in the fold of my painting apron, just as she has here, right below my chin. 
Her name is Pyewacket - PYE for short. 

I took several photos of us from time to time, but thought this would definitely make a GRRREAT self-portrait.  Needless to say, after these cats arrived, my allergies kicked in, and I have a mild 'cat allergy' especially when she is rubbing into my face, but OH WELL...such is indoor cat ownership.

  My friend Kelli, said to be sure I highlighted the word 'crazy' in the title - so there you are.
Little TINY kitty - PYE.

Both cats helping me paint.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Boston - 1st time...

Just returned from Boston, first trip there ~ ever.  What a cool place!  Of course, lots of people, but lots of history, too.  My stepdaughter graduated from her Dietetic Internship at MGH.  She is a Colorado girl who, as one of 10 interns, lived and survived in expensive Boston for this last year.  And next up - she has been awarded a fellowship at Children's Hospital through Harvard Med School for 6 months.  So proud of her!  

It was interesting and refreshing to visit MGH, of which we got a quickie tour, and were able to sit at her graduation in the "Ether Dome", where the very first 'ether' surgery took place back in the 1800's.
I could just imagine 'doctors of the old days', sitting a watching surgeries - only I hope they could stand the heat for hours on end, that place was hot.
Happy girl, that it's over and happy girl on to the next piece in her life's destiny and passion.

We saw many neat things while there - did the whole experience on the "T" - subway and buses (a taxi here and there) and there were many yummy restaurants and cool venues!
U.S.S. Constitution and it's museum...
 and many of the historical sights along the "Freedom Trail".  We didn't do all of it, but about 1/2 of it.
Faneuil Hall...

TD Gardens...

Boston Public Gardens...(love this photo, how the sky reflection in the water
is SO incredibly BLUE!)

we rode on the swan boats, as well as walked quite a bit.
It was a fun trip to a place I had never even imagined. 
As always, I let the inspiration 'well up in my soul'.
Such history, such proud and friendly people...loved it!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Busy Summer Time

It's hard to keep up with this blog these days, summer has found us very busy - just got back from a few weeks in the RV. Went to Colorado and stayed at some of our favorite spots - nice, quiet and cool spots mostly.  Getting ready for more travel soon.  In the meantime, here are a few photos.
Ute Pass views - Colorado
Rain over Collegiate Peaks - Colorado, Taylor Reservoir
Wildflowers and butterfly - Arapaho National Forest
Using the RV 'air' to dust off the radiator from the dusty roads - makes it run a little cooler (sometimes) in the hot summer climbing hills...stay tuned for more.

Oh, and we welcomed a new grandchild into our family, as well..a little girl, born in Fort Collins.
Her name is Sterling.

Happy 17th Blogiversary to ME

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