Friday, March 30, 2012

Farm Fresh Eggs

"Eggies for Breakfast"
6" x 5" approx.
watercolor on Strathmore
We have 2 laying hens..and they lay enough so we no longer HAVE to buy
store bought eggs. Farm eggs are so much better, I think.
Since it turned spring, our little Bantam, "Chickenator", spends her days sitting
on her own egg or the other hen's in and day out.  The past few days it seems as though we have changed her mind,
as the eggs get plucked out of the boxes each day
whether or not she is trying to brood.  She is seen more often out of the coop. 
It's difficult having chickens because during the summer we like to travel..and much as I would like to - I won't strap them to the top of the RV and take them along...although I bet somewhere it's been done.  I think of the "chicken buses" I saw in Guatemala a few years ago.  Those are much tougher chickens than ours.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Detailed Pen and Watercolor Painting

"909 Walnut Tower"
pen and ink and watercolor
6" x 8" approx
(not the best photo, but soon I can fix it)

Haven't done anything this symmetrical, detailed or precise in a LONG time.  I was attracted to it by a newspaper photo of the mythological, art deco clay/stone design on the Fidelity National Bank building in KC, Mo. It was fun to use the photo as a reference, enhancing it a little, making it a little bit different. 
I spent many days on it and it filled lots of time. 

I am still waiting to put weight on my ankle. 
Two more weeks, and I can.  Will be starting PT at that time...for 4 - 6 weeks. 
I am doing much better.  Nights can be hard...
lots of muscle spasms and aches from my body not able to be using many
muscles right now, but otherwise,
I feel like I am on the downhill side of this accident/injury. 
When I get to do PT, I will be able to get myself out to the studio, yeah! 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

In the Land of Hunting Dogs

8" x 11"
watercolor on 140 lb. Strathmore
Where I live, there are alot of breeds of hunting dogs...some hunt, some do not.
This is a friend's Brittany Spaniel.  Today's need was to paint an animal, which is my favorite thing to paint.

Friday, March 23, 2012

A Watercolor for Today

"Harvest of the Haybales"
7" x 9"
watercolor on Strathmore
Still stuck with only able to paint in watercolor.  I have had this one on my mind for awhile.  I couldn't quite get that morning light that I saw.  It will be attempted again in Oil..when I am more mobile. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

As Seen in Taos, N.M.

"Hollyhocks by the Stucco Fence"
approx. 7" x 8"
watercolor on Strathmore
I have been wanting to tackle this one for a long time.  Now is that time.  Watercolor is the medium.  Taos is full of lovely little stucco adobe homes, as well as cool Victorian aged houses.  This one was at the top of the hill, interestingly the stucco fence or wall to privatize the house.  The hollyhocks are in full bloom!   I love visiting Taos!
Finally have all my watercolors inside, seems that the paintings are getting more colorful with each one, which is what I wanted to happen!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Once Upon a Sketchbook

6" x 8"
graphite/charcoal on 74 lb. paper
(having trouble taking good photos of my work..not able to be in the studio, where I have the best set-up for that - hope to improve many of these in a month or so)
A special friend, who I have never met except on the internet, sent me a care package of a sketchbook, sketching materials and notecards recently. 

This past week a different friend from my past, passed away. I felt the desire to do a sketch of her as a memorial to her passing.
She was a fun gal, a good spirit, a pretty woman.  Although I had not talked to her in years, she will be missed in my heart.   RIP Deb. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where I Stand Sunday

I have determined that this weekly post is irrelevant at this time...I am not standing. I have four places I can sit, that's my Lazyboy, my wheelchair, the whole backseat of the car and bed, and those are the four places I stand on one leg with crutches. So...I hope to supplement this missing piece with more art.

I think to myself, how sad I will feel that I didn't use this unlimited time to paint, draw, design, in order to alleviate that outcome, that's my plan going forward. The biggest issue is - it is like painting standing on your head. I grapple with where the paint pan goes in a lap that already has a pad of paper in it, trying not to spill the rinse water, it's not the perfect or most comfortable 'making art' situation. I am fortunate to have an iPad. I have discovered it's a limitless tool for any artist and I invested in the iGet, which allows me to stand it up for handsfree use, right next to my elevated leg. It's like viewing a carnival sideshow. "The Incredible Broken Ankled Painting Woman"!!

I have known and seen many disabled persons in my life. I have a new understanding for how frustrating their lives must be. To know they have to adapt to their situation, conquer adversity and continue to have a quality of life truly amazes me. They are heroes. And hopefully they have someone that helps them or checks in with them often. It can get a person down, real easily.

I am lucky to have someone who keeps me "in check" - when I get down, he cheers me back up, when I complain (and I work hard at NOT doing that) he throws some comic relief my way. No matter what life has given me right now, I am still here..I am still loving life, and some day this will all be just a memory. I will look on the art I do right now as "that which was from the 'broken ankle' period". Thanks also, to YOU my wonderful friends, for your support and caring.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


"Gothic After the Rain"
9" x 12"
watercolor on Strathmore
This is a landmark in the city where I was raised..The Gothic Theatre, Englewood, Co.
Still many movie houses, it has seen it's times of flourish and it's times of abandon and shut down.  For many years now it has been a venue for concerts of all types, mostly the alternative kind.  But, all the same, it's nice to see this piece of history preserved and used.  I spent many a Saturday afternoon meeting up with friends, enjoying a matinee, a big 'hangout' for local kids in a small suburb of Denver.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Today's Adventure in Watercolor

"Chaco and Bailey"
9" x 12"
watercolor on Strathmore
Took a photo of my two dogs sitting beside me in the other recliner watching me..someone suggested I paint that photo, so here it is.
I find I don't have quite the patience right now for problem solving that's needed when you paint in any medium, but watercolor is a doable thing in my situation.

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