Thursday, March 16, 2023

A Whirlwind Travel Event

Denver/DIA Lights at night

I recently made a trip from Denver to St. Louis, then on down to my Aunt's nearby city, Rolla, Mo., for her 90th birthday party.  I haven't traveled by air in over 5 years, what a different experience!  However, now I know what it takes, lots of pep and energy, and patience, and a book to read - for sure!
Several hotel rooms, lots of dining out and again - patience.  Waiting on planes and shuttles and was a FUN time - but...glad to be back home.
It's snowing here - kind of blizzardy.  I love my home.


Thursday, March 2, 2023

SOCIAL ORDER - a new oil painting by artist Pattie Wall


This painting has taken me a very long time, over a year to be exact.  I was having the best time with it but kind of like when golfers get the 'yips' - I quit - and it has been 1/2 finished - staring at me from the wall of my studio.  I loved where it was going, but I think I experienced some fear that I would ruin it to take it to 'finish'.  For me, this is a real - TRUE - fear at the easel - so many times it happens.  So, I finally bolstered my confidence and have been sitting with it - painting on it from time to time,  
the past few weeks and it feels DONE NOW.  
I titled it "SOCIAL ORDER".  It's oil paint on deep wrapped canvas, 18" x 24".
Source photo graciously supplied by Deb Frank.

Happy 17th Blogiversary to ME

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