8" x 8" watercolor

The photo of this painting is not reading right today.  It looks OK on my
iPhone but didn't translate very well to computer.
Most of the time, this is the case.

This is a daughter Isla (pronounced EYE-lah) of a student I taught in first grade, many moons ago.
It's always interesting to see what your long ago students are up to.
This little girl is just as precious as her mom.


Serena Lewis said…
I love it! I really like how you rendered the water too.

It looks good on my Surface laptop but I know what you mean. Images on my Samsung phone differ to the iPhone/iPad. The iPhone/iPad images always seems a tad bland by comparison. I think it's all to do with how intense the user sets the display options on their phones. Apple doesn't give as many options.

Enjoy your weekend. :)
Pattie Wall said…
Thank Serena! Crossing platforms is surely the culprit. I switch from iPhone to PC's. I use photoshop to try to match the painting, side by side when the hue saturation seems wonko..but it doesn't help much. I recall a workshop I took with a 'master artist' several years back and he was very picky and particular about 'matching' exactly what you see from painting to screen. But he didn't realize once it's shared or used outside of your own devices -in some way, the interpretation becomes skewed.
It's an ongoing issue - part of what we deal with.

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